Monday, July 18, 2011

I met a fellow blogger and her Mom

And we talked and visited and... I did not take a picture with her or of her booth. But luckily you can click here to meet Stephanie at Southern Charm Cottage.

Where did we meet up at Buchanan's Antique Market.  It was a once a month market at this location in Lewisville.  An old Best Buy location.

I wandered around out of the 100 degree heat in Texas.

Maybe these folks thought Christmas and Halloween would make me feel cooler.  It didn't.

This christening gown with matching bonnet, brought back memories of mine.

I want to buy these floral frog things, but not sure what I am supposed to pay.  Most were around $10.00.  I need to find those at a good garage sale I think.

The below huge letters were $38.00.  Even too much for the fleur de lis for me.

It was a fun way to spend some week-end time, out of the sun.

Go over to Stephanies site, if you are from this area she does a post each month of locations close to Dallas that have flea market sales going on.  Follow her for updates.


  1. Fun meeting other bloggers. I have seen those frogs for as much as $30. Ten was probably good.

  2. What a great shopping experience. It's always nice to meet fellow bloggers.

    The price on the frog of $ a good price. Like Kim said, they can be as high as $30 or more.


  3. Great. now I am bummed. Two comments on how the floral frogs are usually lots more. Next time I will buy, buy, buy.

  4. Thanks! I shall go visit her now!

  5. Looks like I missed some fun indoors. I'm melting just going from the car to the building. Thanks for linking to this blog that's new to me. I'm always on the lookout for some good flea markets or antique sales.

  6. Thanks so much Lori - it was so wonderful to meet you - you are just as sweet and fun as I imagined you would be!!

  7. It looks like a fun sale!
    Don't you hate when you pass something up only to find it was a good deal? I passed up a wire dress form once~it was only $60!! It still haunts me.


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