Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kim really? My blogger friend has awarded me...

I don't post ads, I don't know how to display those little cute links on the side of my blog to other blogs.  I am fairly new at this game.  Now Kim has bumped up the ante.  She has bestowed upon me and fourteen others a "beautiful blog award".  Crap, now what do I do.  The pressure is on, I have to pass this onto fifteen other bloggers, (blogland version of chain mail I guess).  "Mom, Debbie started it!"... by giving it to Kim.  Debbie's blog here.  

I really do love looking at Kim's blog.  Kim's blog.  It was the name that got me first, Savvy Southern Style, I adore everything southern. Yes M'am I do.  Plus she is close to my age, plus she is new at this blogging thing.  But, I bow to her expertise in such a short time.

So, here is what I HAVE to do.  Pick 15 sites to pass the award onto, listed below.  If I fall short, I am sorry, I am a notorious chain mail breaker.  And seven things about myself,  get ready.

The beautiful blogs and ladies I follow and why.... and now the 15 below (11) you are supposed to pick 15 of your favorites and then seven things about yourself, and so on and so on.

1. - her blog inspired me to begin one, Thanks Shelbi!
2. - Shelbi led me to Mindy and I am so excited Coppell kids are moving back to Coppell as adults!
3. - Ann Marie built my first blog for me.
4. - Terri - my first follower, that was not a friend of family member!
5. - Nicole - great ideas and makes me giggle every time I read her blog.
6.  - Christie - Canada makes the list. Plus I adore her decorating.
7. - Simone - Australia makes the list.  Coolest name (Simone) and best vintage use out there.  Plus she is on the other side of the world and it is fun to see her summer during our winter.
8. - Phyllis had me at the white chocolate martini's and the word Steinmart.
9. - Gina - Her sense of humor and I think she is my Minnesota connection
10. - Emily - You have to like someone with a Cajun husband.
11. - Christy - my most recent blog to watch.  She teaches with my daughter and is open about every detail of her life.  It is like being there!

Sorry Kim, that is my 15 (11).

Now my seven things about me.

1.  I'm older than I look.  (You checked out my picture didn't you?)
2. I got a speeding ticket this year hurrying home to meet the dishwasher repairman at my house.  Free repair, $200.00 ticket.
3. I have three daughters, twins that are both teachers and the baby about to graduate OU.  When the baby girl was a freshman we had three in college in three states. LA Tech, TX A&M and Oklahoma.
4.  I love crawfish boils and there is no place like home, Louisiana has the best people, food and fun.
5.  I work full time for American Airlines and have a floral side business., I had to get that plug in there somewhere.
6. I have no grand-children, but I hear it is a wonderful thing.  I will be ready when they are ready! I guess.
7. Most important, my empty nester husband and I are celebrating 29 years of marriage today!  We couldn't be happier in our empty four bedroom house with our one dog, Cotton.  We went to church, a walk in the park, he ran, I walked.  Visited with friends, watched USA get silver in hockey, had our favorite dinner and wine.  What a great day!

Thanks Kim, I think.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Easter Season is here and around our house!

Beginning.... Nobody awake yet at the house.  Lynley was home this weekend.  Made me move the chest to a different location into the dining room.  She has the degree in Interior Design so I took her advice.  Sydney, my niece, stayed Friday night, was nice to see her. 

Blank canvas (table)

Gathering some stuff from the attic...

Here are a few fun places around the house I worked on over the weekend.

I'll start with country bunny.  Don't you just love her shoes and her hands are my favorite.  But I really need some fresh flowers for her basket.

Little table spaces next...

Ostrich eggs from Uncle Bob... (random comment)

The Dining Room... Beatrix Potter figurines from Lynley's Easter bunny collection.  The Easter bunny brought the girls one every year in their baskets.  I had to give two thirds away to the twins after they married.  We still have Lynley's collection though,  Jamima Puddle Duck, The very bad bunny, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail and a few others.

It was so fun when I had about 50 of these little critters.  In hindsight, I should have bought one for me, one for you.  But, hey young and on a budget with three girls baskets to fill.

Now the kitchen table, I went all white and crystal here.  Raffia and twine for bedding, Lynn hates the plastic Easter grass stuff.  I think he really hates cleaning it up for about two months after Easter.  Kind of like Christmas tree needles, you find them forever.

A few more, candle light anyone?

I know, I am branching out with the candle light thingy. I REALLY need a better camera.

One more... and then watch for the mantel and front porch on a later post.  Enough already Lori!

Happy Easter, Lent and soon spring....

See more tabletops with A stroll through life and Growing our own Garden

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Last, final, the end, DONE- post of my storage chest!

Sorry, oblige me one more time.  I REALLY am proud of this project and I put the finishing touches on it last night.  I glazed the whole thing with a tobacco stain paint (Ralph Lauren, tobacco glaze tint).  Kind of like when you put cream foundation on your face.  It fills in a lot of the little imperfections and just gives everything a smooth, even finish.  Then I took the whole darn, heavy thing back out to the garage and put a coat of minwax spray semi-gloss finish on the entire chest.  Kind of like when you put your mascara and lipstick on, you can leave the house because you know you are DONE! 

 Now that I have brought it back into the house and put it back together
(drawers in slots, verrrrry complicated)
 I am so ready to fill it up because I know I am DONE!

I can become super organized
(for a day at least) with my fun girly, party stuff! 
Melissa called me a "party in a box" once, now I have a whole five drawer party in a chest.  And when I want you to get the napkins out for me, I just tell you they are in the third drawer and you know exactly which one, you don't even have to count.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Easter Linens, now where to put them

I asked Lynn, while I was taking down Mardi Gras decorations, when I could put out my Easter stuff?  He said not yet.  But I did pull all the linens out and the Easter boxes have been moved front and center in the attic.  Won't be too long Lynn...

Lynley's Easter plate made by her Godmother, Vickie... has made it out of the cabinet.

I have started decorating on my island in the kitchen, Grand-dad's blessing... read at both our daughter's wedding receptions in his memory.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

9 minutes and no mullah! New to me tray.

Someone at work was throwing away this wooden tray.  It had a divider missing from the center.
  It probably was one of those keys, coin, jewelry holders in it's past life. 


Cardboard insert, ugly just needs covered up right?

....and now after... a great anything tray.


Did I mention totally FREE.  I had the fabric scrap from a previous curtain creation.  Out of Africa and into my very useful tray.  And yes for you OC folks, I still have some glue removal to take care of.


Total makeover time 10 minutes, to cut and tape the fabric down around ugly black felt cardboard insert.  I'm on the lookout for some great looking handles for the sides.

I'm playing with free friday see Here
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Before/After Number chest - Part Three

I will never strip paint again!

I have almost finished my project.  There are a couple spots I want to touch up with a dark brown glaze paint.  Mostly the places that I gave up on sanding and therefore did not hold the stain well.  Also, I do not like the paste wax finish.  I think I will add a final satin finish.  Here is the numbered chest that I thought would take one weekend and about fifty dollars.  Took five weeks and about $75.00.  I had to keep going back for more paint stripper.  In hindsight I should have bought the industrial sized can.  Also, the cold weather made me move the project indoors.  Our Dallas snow days gave me the opportunity to finish.

After picture first, then before and during......

and my inspiration..... from Anthropologie

I had fun joining their DIY sharing.

Friday, February 12, 2010

130 year record broken - SNOW!

Since Dallas has been keeping records we have not had 9 - 12 inches of snow.  Too pretty to work, to slick to drive, I'm staying home today.

Just one more, concrete man!

Have a great Valentine's weekend!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Muah!! Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 8, 2010

World Champion New Orleans Saints! Oh and Karl's Birthday

We went to Alexandria for Karl's 75th birthday and got home in time to watch the Super, super Bowl!  Joanie came in her new car and the party was wonderful, ending with a lively game of left, center, right!  I won one, Joanie won one and Chris tried to be a good sport.  Nickie you just might be enjoying that gambling a little too much.

LCR (left, center, right)


Why?  It is just more fun!

You will notice the picture of the Colt's quarterback, in the dark at the beginning of the game and I don't think he ever made it into the light.  Yeah, Saints, New Orleans, Louisiana and the entire
 Who Dat Nation!

I was one of the 106 million (most ever watched television show)


That is about as close as the other quarterback got to the trophy!

Just a friendly game of chance.  
No pants on the ground for Saints fans (although I do have a fun picture that I am not posting)
Next year Super Bowl in the new Dallas Palace!

Aunt Carole's pants on the ground, after the Vikings were defeated by the Saints.
We all received this note in the mail.

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