Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring around the house

Even though a slight cold front has hit Texas and a huge snow storm elsewhere around the country, I feel warm and cozy inside with my Easter decorations out and about.
 The Beatrix figurines are my youngest daughter's from the Easter Bunny.  About 25 years ago, one figurine started being placed in her basket each year.  The older girls have their collection at their own homes now.  But, baby girl is letting me "store" hers a bit longer for her. 

 The bunny napkins were a Pottery Barn purchase from last year. 
My Waterford crystal pattern is Araglyn.   I decided to finish out my stemware and thanks to Ebay, I have found some great deals! My first find was three wine glass stems for the price of one compared to  Dillards and Macys. 
 I am in love with my new "little fiddle"! (Fiddle Leaf Fig) Can you love a plant??

Along with my all white bunny collection, I am adding in a few gold touches here and there. 

 So, turn on all your cozy lamps and kick up the heat if you need to, please stay warm.  If you are in Texas, just wait two days, it will all change.
FYI ---- Round Top, Texas Antique Week trip in two weeks... stay tuned for the fun shopping finds!

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  1. I adore Easter and all the decorations, and don't even have mine out yet! Your collection is so charming, and what a great idea the Easter Bunny had to leave a little collectible piece in the baskets of good little girls! Thanks for the inspiration, and hope you stay warm!


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