Wednesday, March 22, 2017

St. Patrick is a great saint!

...and Baton Rouge has a great celebration.  Thank you St. Patrick for bringing Christianity to Ireland and for your celebration to the USA.  I have heard that Ireland does not celebrate this holiday quite like we do here in the states. 
My Mom's maiden name is McKee. We gather together every year to have fun and love on each other. 

Hmmm, guess who brought the daffodils??!! 

 Family, friends, crawfish and a little green beer maybe? 

 The group was a bit smaller this year.  My kids and grands were not able to make the long trip. See ya next year, Baton Rouge.  And thanks again for the Abadie's opening their hearts and home to us.


  1. Ha, ha, looks like a blast!!!:@)

  2. This looks like so much fun!!! It didn't look like a small group to me!!

  3. I always love seeing this post, because as I've mentioned before, my mother's maiden name is also McKee! We don't have get-togethers nearly as fun as this! So glad you all had a good time upholding and celebrating the McKee name!


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