Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yes or no?

The before...
I walk through this room one hundred times a day.  Then yesterday, I thought, why oh why is the china cabinet in a "time out" in the corner??
 So first, I shimmied it flat on the wall next to the windows.  No one noticed, then baby girl came over and immediately said... "Uh, no. It needs to be centered in the wall with chairs on either side."  MissLynley is my daughter with an amazing eye for detail and a minor in Interior Design.  It is very nice to have one of these in the family.  
So, this time, I requested help from hubby to shimmy the china cabinet further down the wall.
And yes, not one piece of Waterford was harmed in the making of this design.  #braveandveryslowly

Yes or no?  
Oh and MissLynley does not like the tea trolly with the lamp, but I love it and for now it stays. 
Maybe a lower lamp?  I need to shop the house.  


  1. I like it centered with the chairs. It looks great. I have to agree with your daughter. I LIKE the tea trolley but where it is kind of takes the focus off your more formal 'setting'. Wonder if there is another place you could use the trolley? Just a thought--but you furniture is quite beautiful!!! Have fun and I hope you have a great upcoming week. xo Diana

    1. Yes, the tea trolley is in a new location. I was just being stubborn!

  2. I just love moving furniture around every now and then. It freshens things up. So I liked your first arrangement (and love the description of being in "time out!") but also love the new one. Keep the lamp and tea cart, although maybe a shorter one would be fun too. Lamps warm everything up. Good job!

  3. I think the hutch looks fabulous in the new spot! It shows up so much more. I would put a shorter lamp on the tea cart but definitely keep one there because it cozies up the space.


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