Friday, February 10, 2017

My Dad's old brass calendar

I love having old pieces around the house, family history pieces are even better!
I need to polish this little brass desk calendar.  It was my Dad's and I love knowing that he probably looked at and used it every day.  Right below it is a Waterford heart that my own sweetheart gave me.
 Thank you my blogger friend that hooked me onto the below book.  Adorable if you have little grands.  Since, their Lala keeps chocolate red foil covered hearts year round, we get to read it every time they come for a visit.  It is the last thing we do before they head out the door to go home.  They have to hold the candy heart and not eat it until Lilly fun.  We are working hard with the two year old to have patience.

 My sister gave me the above quote...for my birthday.  A jar of wrinkle cream would have been a nice  addition too!  The other side of the mantle has my homage to Paris.  We took the pink car picture while in Paris and a friend gave us the Paris heart picture.

 I love seeing the napkins I am using with an assortment of my tea cup collection that are all valentiney with the pink and red decor.  You can see a peek of my new kitchen chairs. IKEA, very sturdy and I highly recommend if you need new chairs. 
Happy Valentine's Day, have a great time and go out and love someone! 


  1. Happy Valentine's Day to you. That is a sweet little book and a cute idea, Lori! I remember those old brass calendars but have not seen one in a long time. I am glad you have your dads! Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

  2. I wonder if that book was from me? We still do this every year - although this year I may have to go to them. Big grands are busy! I only bring this out for February, how fun that you do this year round. ( we also do the Easter book with peeps)

  3. Yes Sue! Thanks, it was you and your adorable party you would put on for them!


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