Friday, June 24, 2016

My ghost, Little Annie

My ghost story of little Annie will be near the end of this post.

One of the last parts of our drive throught the 13 mile National Park in Vicksburg, took us by the cemetery.  17,000 Civil War soldiers are buried here over 116 acres.  The Confederate soldiers have been re-interred at the Vicksburg City Cemetery, now called "Soldiers Rest".  The siege on Vicksburg lasted 47 days.

 We spent some time in the little downtown area.  Ordered dinner to go and ate by the pool where were staying.
 We stayed here, at Duff Green Mansion.

 The wrought iron work on the sides of the mansion had to be replicated.  The iron was removed during the war to be used for ammunition.  Over 80 years later the same iron company was still in business in Alabama and still had the exact molds for the recreation.

 Parts of the old neighborhood and the mansion were saved when Duff Green's home was hit with a canon ball and he decided to convert his home into a military hospital.  By making this smart decision, the troops diverted the cannon fire away from this area.  The Union troops occupied the top floor and confederate soldiers were on the ground floor.  

 I love wrought iron and this house was adorned with tons of gorgeous iron.

Little Annie

When I was booking our room at Duff Green Mansion, we had two options., the Dixie Room and the Magnolia Room.  The Dixie Room was know to have a confederate soldier that rocked in a rocking chair.  Hubby said, "Uh, we will take the Magnolia Room!"  I agreed. 

The history of the house is that the first daughter of the Green's died of typhoid when she was around five years old.  She has been seen around the house, along with may other apparitions.  

Here is my story that I reported to the management at Duff Green.
Our tour group was in the main hall.  My back was to the dining room and the back main hallway door was to my right side with the main staircase was to my right back.  The tour guide and I were the only ones at this end of the hall.  As the tour guide was talking, out of the corner of my right eye, I saw a child run by the left window panel by the back door, dressed all in white.  But, I didn’t hear footsteps and voices.  I didn’t see him/her run by the windows to the right of the door. I continued to glance to my right off and on, and then saw another flash of color this time, dark colors, still short in height.  Neither time was the sighting over three feet tall.  The second was more just colors but the first was a blur of a child.

I didn’t say anything and the tour continued.  In the next room the tour guide mentioned that he had seen Annie on the staircase.  I said "in the daylight?"  He said yes.  Still I said nothing, but thought, I saw Annie!  The tour finished and on the ride back to Texas, I googled Duff Mansion ghosts, and read where little Annie has been seen in a WHITE gown.  I turned to my husband and told him, I saw a ghost, I saw Annie.

I am glad that I saw her right before checkout, because if it had been the night before, not sure if I would have slept a wink.


  1. Ooooo!!!!! What to do with a fast-running child ghost? That is so creepy, and although I don't believe in ghost, must admit I had a very similar experience in a very, very old hotel in New Orleans! What is going on around here? I'm with you for being glad you were on your way out! What a fun, fun trip!

  2. Wow! Are you serious?! That is the creepiest thing ever. Yes, I think I would have checked out completely. Lol!


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