Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Magnolia and The Findery, Waco, Texas

The start to our girls trip to Round Top Antique Week had us driving smack dab in the middle of Waco.  So of course,  we exited I35 and took two turns and we were at the Silo's.  If you are a Fixer Upper fan you know exactly what I am talking about.  We arrived four minutes to 9AM at Magnolia.  We saw a small line in the rain with umbrellas and ponchos. But, by the time we parked and ran through drizzling rain the doors had opened to Magnolia and we walked right in. 

 I found what I came looking for... one of those Magnolia hand thrown flower pots. 
 Very nice touch Chip and Joanna, having your employees pass out rain ponchos if needed.
 The drizzle did not put a damper on the beginning of our trip.  The rain may have made my curls  and my sister's curls expand about two more inches though! My daughter rounded out our party of three.

 No one playing or eating at food trucks in the cold dreary morning either.

 Right down the street we headed to the Findery.  I have been following them on Instagram and was ready to take a look.  I do, declare.. how cute are these placemats and coasters.  

 And see how close this two story shop is to the Silo's a short walk or ride down the street.
Next up .... Round Top, Texas


  1. We are headed to Waco next week - I want to go to the silos but not badly enough to stand in line. I guess we will see what the rest of the gang wants to do. Thanks for the heads up on the other shop.

  2. Oh, my stars! What a fun day — with or without rain! I think it's so fascinating how Skip and JoAnna have tapped into the market. It's a combination of their creative talents and their genuine, down to earth values. I would LOVE to see Magnolia and the entire Waco community.

    And as for Round Top . . . if only! Can't wait to see the rest of your story.

  3. I'm SO obsessed with Fixer Upper. I've gone back to season 1 and starting watching all of the episodes! Robby's niece lives in Waco and I would LOVE to visit there. Miss y'all...life has been Busy, Busy, Busy here...


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