Monday, July 20, 2015

I went a little overboard

I had a wedding flower job this past weekend and ended up with a bit of an over order.  Lucky for my house, my friends, hubbies and Lynley's work mates.

These were gifted to friends and co-workers

 These are brightening my kitchen.

 Love this metal pitcher from IKEA and this tiny vase from our trip to Ireland.
 Waterford and roses, a splurge bedside!

 Both bathrooms decked out in pinks.

Thank you Ooohlala Floral.  


  1. The tiny vase from Ireland is precious. I'm always needing smaller sized vases. I guess overflow is a hazard of the job. Sure you didn't arrange all these extra beauties on purpose? hehehe!

  2. How beautiful! I just love fresh flowers.

    We had an 80th birthday party for my husband's aunt this past Saturday. There were tons of fresh flowers which were taken to the church for services on Sunday. The cool thing is that the church was having a State of Texas historical marker plaque dedicated on Sunday so there was a big crowd. The flowers sure were a bonus. :)


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