Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ants OK for my 4th of July table

When they are cute litte ants from Pottery Barn, I will let them climb on my table. #buythemdonotattemptDIY 

 Cute Pottery Barn fry baskets too, for the napkins I will be using.

Happy Fourth of July!  I wonder if there is a cherry pie under that cake dome?

Cherry Pie recipe here.

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  1. Ok, I could deal with those ants:@) Love the addition of coconut to the cherry pie!

    1. I doubled the recipe, because you will want two. You are messing up the kitchen already anyway!

  2. So cute! And since you've just experienced Mobile, AL, did you know that's where fire ants first entered the United States? They came in on one of the container ships! Yikes!

  3. and the rest is history.... ouch


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