Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fort Morgan, Alabama

White sands and almost our own private beach.  If you are a people watcher, this might not be the beach for you.  If you want pretty much a private beach and relaxation, Fort Morgan is for you.  It reminds me of Gulf Shores beach from about 30 years ago. 
We stayed in this lovely yellow home for the week.  We were joined by two of our daughters, MissLynley and MissMelissa, one grand-daughter, MissRaylyn.  Plus my Mom, Karl and little brother Chris.
 The pool gave us an added refreshing plunge when you were ready to be out of the sun and sand.
 Our views both ways was just gorgeous.

We miss you pretty yellow beach house.
MissRaylyn will have her own post next.  When you are the only grand along for the trip, you pretty much have 10,000 pictures taken of you.  

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