Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow and Ice ... but a baby so nice.

MissAllyAnn joined the family amidst our worst weather of the year.  I know the below picture looks like a dusting or maybe two inches of snow.  But, believe me when I say, this pretty much is all it takes to shut down Dallas and the surrounding areas.  
 Once the ice began to thaw, I made my way out to McKinney.  I was a day late on my twin grands babysitting shift.  God Bless, Steve and  Denise, their other set of Grand-parents, for taking over the extra day.   Denise swears she will never watch another Bubble Guppy episode again.
 MissLayton holding her new sister was precious.  I guess MissHadley was trying to figure out the camera app on her Mom's phone.  MissAllyAnn is sleeping, eating and being just a little precious darling.
 Now to Lala's house and some cake making.  One cake to take home to Mom and Dad.
 .... and pretend fun.

 Some fine motor skill practice for MissLayton and a two handed baker, MissHadley.
 Lala added chocolate chips to the mix just for fun.  Needless to say, they did not last long.  Dry flour is a pretty easy clean up too.
After a day full of baking and the next day enjoying some indoor pool fun, we took them home a bit tired (all of us) and the family of five is home and adjusting to the new routine.  

It is a GRAND life!

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  1. Just showed my hubby these precious pictures.. He loves the new baby's name. She is just darling. I am so glad she is home and now the family can start settling in and bonding. xo Diana


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