Monday, March 30, 2015

Palm Sunday family get together

We gathered at our home for fun and family on Palm Sunday this year.
 One overflow table was set with my Lenox, Lacepoint china pattern, Nickie's Fostoria water goblets and my Waterford, Araglyn goblets.  
 The main table was set with Nickie's (my mother-in-laws) china, Royal Worchester, Dunrobin.  My silver plate is Christophle of France, Malmaison

 The yard was doing its best with help from Lynn to become a spring time flower fest. 
 Does anyone know what this fern below is called?  New growth is red and turns to green. 

 MissRaylyn is trying patiently to wait for her cousins and the goldfish release.
 MissLayton, Miss Hadley and MissAllyann are here Papa, let the fish go!

 Although pretending gravel is sand and you are back at the beach is fun too.
 My sad one little picture of our eggs.  Now that was a fun new experience for the grands.
Happy Holy Week everyone!

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  1. Your tables are both equally beautiful. Even MORE beautiful are those sweet little girls! Just darling. What a fun time that you are having there!!!

    I'm not sure-those ferns might be one of the "lady ferns"..or maybe a Japanese painted fern? They don't grow here though. xo Diana


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