Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pre school nap mats by Lala

MissLayton and MissHadley were in need of nap mats for their first pre-school experience.

Ann Marie looked on Etsy and wow! Pricey to say the least, so of course she texted me and asked if I could make them.  Lala would love too!

Ann Marie picked up all the supplies and dropped them off at my house.

This is how I measure.  Don't you?

We inserted a minky covered little pillow for their tiny little heads.  I then turned everything inside out and started by sewing across the top and the sides to make one big cover for the quad folded insert.

I then sewed a velcro strip to the bottom opening and voila.   She can easily slip the cover off and throw it in the washer.

Now the fun part!  Practice nap time at my house.  MissLayton especially loved them.  MissHadley was not to sure, but gave it a try.  

 And even MissRaylyn joined in the fun and I think Lala will be making another one in the near future for her too.  

Success! Pre-school report card from week two said they both acutally fell asleep on them for a nap!


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