Monday, March 31, 2014

Round Top, Texas population 90

Round Top, TX has updated their population sign to read 90 instead of 80.  But, for Antique week, the population with crazy shoppers and vendors is well into the hundred thousands.  This will be my shortest post from our fun girls trip to Round Top this year!  #roundtoptexas

And we did have lots of fun at and around Zapp Hall. My two oldest daughters gave up some precious time away from their babies and left Dads in charge back home.  I'm sure everyone was glad to see them when they returned home.  The weather was also picture perfect.  The best I have had yet at Antique week.
 Girls Gone Junkin
This could have been our motto.  Funny too, when Melissa and I walked into her house with our "finds" her husband asked "did you find some good junk?"  When I got home guess what my husband asked?  Same thing.  

Good junk huh?  But, this weekend is so much more than the shopping.  It is about hugging, laughing, story telling, eating, dancing and filling our hearts to the brim with lovin'. 

Stay tuned... more junk lovin' to come.  


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