Friday, February 28, 2014

33 years and counting

And we dated six years before we married.  

Now counting grands!  One, two, three....

 I brought Lynley's dollhouse down from the attic and dusted it of for the girls.  Yes, Hadley is wearing Christmas PJ's and a Halloween bib in February.  

Layton pretending to sneeze.

The twins were headed to a birthday party. Mom did put on shoes once they arrived.  Bevo will always be a part of the family too.  

My nephews and Dan and Terry were in town for a concert.  Hadley and Layton enjoyed having their second cousins help with lunch.  Lala enjoyed the break too. Thanks, Alex and Blake!

Did you know I have three teeth?  And I don't sit still so all my pictures are a blur!  Raylyn is such a cutie.  Crawling up next!  

Life is very busy these days!  AND I love it.


  1. The best of a happy marriage is the Little grands, wow, nothing like them to fill our hearts with such joy! Happy and blessed Anniversary and many, many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Life is full ~ and wonderful! The grands are the icing on the cake. Yours are getting big!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What many blessings you have been given Lori! Cheers to another 33, plus 6:)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Great wedding shot of the two of you! The grandkids are absolutely adorable....such a fun age right now.

  5. What a heart and home full of love you have! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What a home full of love and happiness! Aww, aren't grandchildren the very best thing ever? Your three are just precious!


  7. Happy Anniversary to you two crazy lovebirds! I wish you many many more! I can't get over how big the babies are! They are so precious!!


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