Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm thankful for being busy

But that makes for a bad blogger.  Sorry, we have been working on the honey do lists and I discovered Pinterist!  We will be having 26 for Thanksgiving dinner.  All out of town guests.  The family will be dispersed between Coppell, Richardson and McKinney, Texas.  Everyone will be here for Thursday dinner.  I will try to remember to keep my camera going. 

So below, of course, the napkins I will be using and a sneak peek at just one of my projects.  I bought the new Wilton Armetale napkin holder with the weight for an outside table.  

New shower curtains I made for the updated bathroom.  Lynley and I tiled the floor and painted. I put in new baseboards.  It is fabulous, I can't wait to show you.  With the "labor" costs we saved by DIY, I am going out today for a new camera.  Yay us, yay me.  

Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for family, friends and being busy!


  1. I am swooning over that shower curtain...can't wait to see your reveal girl!

  2. That shower curtain is gorgeous! I'm excited to see the whole room.
    A new camera! Yay you is right!

  3. You made a new shower curtain? WOW. Looks so pretty!


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