Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hall Bath, YES did it ourselves

DIY project happy dance doing am I.  And you will see why.  



Pulled up two layers of old linoleum. 

Lay and grout tile with a pale grey grout.  Decide walls now need an updated color.
Who knew there are soooo many hues of grey.

This was about a three day project for baby girl and I.  The details took another week.  Details being new wall paint, new baseboards, sew new shower curtains and re-accessorize.

After... you just have to come back.  I bought a new camera and it will be used for the reveal!

Happy Thanks!  


  1. Can't wait!! We redid my bathroom last year! From Oct-April!! Tore it down to the 2 X 4's so it was a big deal but we left the shower and tile alone or we would STILL be working on it!!!

    Looking GOOD!!

  2. It's gorgeous already! I love the tile. In fact, we put the same tile in our bathroom.

    Grays are tricky. I'm sure you'll find the perfect one.


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