Friday, February 4, 2011

Texas is colder than Alaska?!

At least that is what the weatherman said, but I believe him.   For once, sadly they have been right all week.  First ice, then not above freezing for four days, now looks like the temp won't go above freezing until tomorrow afternoon.  Now snow on top of ice.  Pretty to look at, let me see what food we have left to try and scrounge something up for lunch.

I have to enjoy the loveliness though.

Anybody want to lift ice cold weights?

Cement man even looks cold!  He is a joke, you had to be there.

I won't even open the door, so cold.  Fun pictures through the lead glass.

Stay warm!  I'm sure the yankees in town for the Super Bowl think we are nuts, but really we aren't prepared for this kind of stuff fun.


  1. We are pretty cold ( miserable) here too! No lovely snow to enjoy; just bitterly cold temperatures and yucky, dripping ice.

  2. I am sure this was pretty neat though for Texas! I lived down by Galveston for about 10 years and I remember when it snowed and no one could drive!! It was like town shut down!! It will get warmer soon, I hope!! I am freezing here!

  3. Hang in there Lori, Punky Phil says only 6 more weeks:@)

  4. It's 1:00 in the afternoon and snow is coming down once again. I thought it was supposed to be over this morning. I'm kind of over it and desperate to get out of the house.

  5. Stay warm my friend! This is global warming at it's finest!

  6. Brrr, I keep telling my husband that I want to move south, but it doesn't look much warmer there!

  7. I flew into Dallas on Monday night for a meeting. I think we were the last flight that was able to leave Kansas City that night. Spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Dallas so I know how cold it got. Luckily my flight got out on time on Wednesday so I could get back and see all the snow we got!
    Stay warm!!

  8. The kids were out of school for four days this week with this latest storm! I think I'm the only one not bored with staying at home! But my feet will NOT get warm!
    Hopefully it will warm up soon for you guys!
    When you get a chance, I'd still love to have the name of the flower company you mentioned. Thanks, Lori!


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