Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Love

Flowers just make me smile!

and this was day one below picture... they looked like this for three days, then I replaced the water with warm water and within two hours they looked like the above.  They have been full bloom now for four days.  If you want flowers that will last a long time at home, these are for you.  Unless you can't stand their powerful fragrance.  We had to move them from the kitchen to the living room.


  1. I was told it's an old florist trick, fresh cut the stems and place them in the hottest water you can hold your hand under from the faucet, they'll open faster. Your lillies are beautiful-enjoy:@)
    PS-I saw Mardi Gras napkins at Dollar Tree, don't know if they'd work for your party, but they were there!

  2. Gorgeous Lori!~ I love lillies. Have a wonderful Valentines day! XO


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