Thursday, December 22, 2016

My December project

Since I was able to finish decorating the house early in December, I took on a little project.  First, let me state I am "anti" coffee table.  Just because when we had one they always seemed like a junk collector.  But when baby daughter moved out and took her coffee table with her, we realized we had no place to prop our feet or a wine glass!
 I was inspired by a table I saw in a local art studio, but couldn't afford the artist price tag. ($875) So, I ordered hairpin metal table legs from Harry's Hairpins and I contacted an Etsy dealer who said he could recreate the wood table top.  I wanted Cypress wood to remind me of my Louisiana roots.   It came unstained, but fully sanded. 

I experimented on the bottom with stain colors and decided on a lighter stain. 
You see the dark strips below? I was concerned about those strips but I learned a little something.  Jeff (the wood guy from Etsy) told me that there is heart wood and sap wood.  The dark wood is the sap wood and absorbs the stain a bit differently.  
 And here she is with her perfect little legs, varnish and the exact height we need.  Also, since this is a custom piece, I was able to order the exact measurements for our little space in front of the couch.  
 Napkins I am currently using.

 Thick and natural custom coffee table.  (junk collector)
 Thank you Harry's Hairpins and Jeff Shaw on Etsy.  Thank you also to an artist somewhere in Dallas for the inspiration.  

Cypress custom wood piece - $55.00
Harry's Hairpins legs - $48.00
Plus stain, varnish and shipping
A little over $100 perfect table

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  1. How totally clever of you! This is a project after my heart. The piece of cypress is beautiful. It just glows.
    Happy Christmas to you!


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