Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How to put on an easy 90th birthday party

Email everyone to come, clean house and put out your favorite pretties.  Make two cakes and purchase one, plus cookies.  Buy ice cream and forget to put it out.  But, don't forget sweet tea and coffee! No afternoon party in the south is complete without tea and coffee.

Equals one happy 90 year old. Happy "early" birthday Nickie!

 Nickie's best friend from their church nursery days was in attendance.  She came in from Fredericksburg, TX.  She won the oldest in attendance at 91.
 Thanks to my daughter MissAnn Marie for helping with all the printed signs.

 I tried to use her favorite color pink as much as possible.

My daughter filled the mantel with a stained glass window from the church Nickie was raised and attended all her life, Calvary Baptist Church, Alexandria, LA.  Then MissLynley layered photo's of Nickie through the years.   The afternoon was filled with laughter and stories and love.  

No one missed the ice cream either! More to come..the actual party fun and guests!


  1. Sounds like a great party! As long as there's cake... I'm happy:@)

  2. What a wonderful, wonderful party. God bless her and keep her. 90 years!!!!! Happy Birthday! xo Diana


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