Thursday, June 5, 2014

and then she turned ONE!

Whoever said "time flies when you are having fun!", was absolutely right.

Little Miss Raylyn is one and oh what fun!
Melissa decided to go with a "ray of sunshine theme".  Perfect for Raylyn.  

The pillow says "you are my sunshine."  A little background on that pillow... my Mom used to sing that song to all of us kids.  My two sisters and I each bought the same pillow one year, not knowing the other ones had.  Crazy, I know.  

The look on Raylyn's face says "you mean my Lala really built this little kitchen for just me!?" (she just can't believe it is true!)
Yes, Miss Raylyn, your Lala bought the box from IKEA and followed the directions exactly. Twenty pieces later and about an hour and a half, tadaaa, a kitchen.  Lala is so very proud of herself.  

The smash cake was just the cutest thing ever!  And of course Raylyn cried and wouldn't touch it. 

Oh sweet couple weeks old Raylyn.  You can see the coloring station in the background. 

She is our sunshine!

The yarn pom pom balls were so cute!

Front entrance mantel.  With the chalkboard telling all her first year milestones.

Melissa and Lynley made the cute pom pom hats.  

What kid's table wouldn't be complete without PP&J!

MissRaylyn looks so sweet in her smocked ice cream cone bubble outfit!  This picture was pre-smash cake and a crowd singing Happy Birthday.  So, she was still a happy camper. 

We love you MissRaylyn!   Happy first birthday!


  1. OH, Lori- She is just beautiful!!! Happy, Happy Birthday to your sweet little grandbaby. The decor is just darling and it does look likes RAYs of sunshine! xo Diana

  2. How adorable! We are getting ready for Beckett's one year party; they are always so much fun!

  3. Such a cute party. I can't believe she's one!


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