Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lake living on the weekends

Mom and Karl get to go every weekend to their place.  We got to spend one night over the fourth of July.

We arrived late, but got there in time for a beautiful sunset.

Mornings aren't too bad either!

Now that is some kind of weekend garden.  

It is Louisiana, so I had to get a picture of spanish moss in the trees.  

The guys solving the problems of the world I guess.  

Karl extended a couple planks along the dock.  He wanted a place to put his bucket of bait while he fished from the dock.  Then had an idea to add four more and... voila.

We took a mornng ride around the lake, here is a great shot of the camp, nestled in the trees.  

Another place on the lake and Mom says she never has seen anyone there. 

Any duck hunters out there?

I heart Louisiana!  


  1. The flowers on the dock are SO pretty!!! Great idea, Grandpa!

  2. That looks like a great place to spend some relaxing time:@)

  3. How relaxing! You made me happy with the Spanish moss and the flower pots on the deck...genius!!!

  4. Looks oh, so relaxing. We haven't been able to spend much time at our lake house lately...I miss it.

  5. Oh- What a wonderful place to relax and just enjoy lie. It is wonderful and I love your pictures. xo Diana


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