Sunday, April 30, 2017

Prepping for a Tea Party!

I just realized April was going to be my first month since blogging that I would not have a post!  Well, I can't let that happen.  So, you get to see a preview of the High Tea Party that I am planning for my Mother-in-laws 92nd birthday in May.  
 Tea cups and tea ready.  Does anybody know where to find sugar cubes? Our Kroger did not have them.

 These will be filled with mini sweets and sandwiches. 
Now, I can relax and head to church.

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  1. How I wish for the days of tea parties again! Sugar cubes are indeed hard to find. I found something on the internet once that taught you how to make your own - in different shapes. I've always wanted to try it, but of course . . . add it to the list. I love your tea cups and am so happy you use them! Cheers!


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