Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Tea with MissRaylyn

Look how precious and well behaved all these kids look.  Now you know when they are in their classrooms it might be a little different story.  Melissa asked Nickie and I to attend MissRaylyn's pre-school Mother's Tea.  How absolutely adorable is Raylyn with those pigtails and bows!

 The tea was fun and a wonderful presentation by the staff! 

At home I have begun to set the table for Sunday.  I am using Nickie's plates from her china pattern and the tea cups are all different and from my collection.  The green set below is my most recent purchase from Round Top. 

 My Round Top dough bowl is filled with creamers.
 This gold and green tea cup and saucer pictured below was the very first set that began my collection.

 Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. Just beautiful, and yes, that photo shows sweet children, who at any moment can "blow!" Is your dinner fork the pattern, "Remembrance?" I can't see it very well, but the entire table is gorgeous. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Those little preschool performances are the best! I've kept all those goodies from when my kids did them.

    Your table was so pretty. I just realized that I've been missing your posts. Sorry about that. ;)


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