Thursday, April 3, 2014

Then Round Top really gets interesting

Driftwood Elk anyone?

Howdy Partner!

Coolest light fixtures ever!  

Look closely, a man and balls. Tee hee.  I'm sure you noticed the letters first.

Then these three found a deal on hats,

and so we ALL had to get one.

Me and my two lovely sisters! 

Not sure, but it must have been really funny! You can tell I am the mature one of the bunch. 

 We heard there was a live band setting up and so we stayed at this last field before we headed to our hotel. 

Let's just say we may have danced to a great band from Houston and they may have begged us not to leave when they went on break.  But, we were tired and had one more day of more shopping to rest up for.  


  1. Looks like a blast!! Heading for Canton tomorrow with my sister in law. :)

    1. Have fun in Canton. We call Round Top, "Canton on steroids!".

  2. Hope you left some things. Going back on Saturday with my sister. Ha!

    1. That is a drive for one day! I hope you have family to stay with. We drove in Saturday and back on Sunday. That was a quick trip, but worth it.

  3. Oh- What fun. You are right- you look SOOOOO sedate. Glad you had a good time! xo Diana


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