Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer drinks, flowers and babies

Summer is not over yet.  Drinks are still cold.

I'll share my latest secret recipe:

1 ounce your favorite tequila
1/2 ounce Petron orange liqueur
1 ounce Baha Bob's Sweet and Sour (no carbs)
Over ice with a squeeze of lime.  

Hibiscus are still blooming.

Babies are always adorable! 

Toys still taste good.

Happy end of summer!  It is still in the 90's in Texas.  How about where you are?


  1. That drink really sounds good!! Perfect end to a summer evening! The grandbabies are so cute!!

  2. That drink sounds yummy!!! It is 80 here today, but drab and overcast with a strong wind. I have been refusing to decorate for Fall, because I know what comes after!! The "W" word that shall not be named!!! We got Jemma's Halloween costume and I am just praying she doesn't have to wear a turtleneck and sweats under it like last year! Greek goddesses don't have time for turtlenecks!!! Fall is definitely in the air here. :-( Love those babies!!!!

  3. LOOK at those sweet babies! Just love them. It is in the 60's here now but got down into the 30's last night just north of us. Reading that drink recipe makes me wish I drank...lol xo Diana


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